Meet The Team - Homar Living


Our Team

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

Boss Lady

Regina Carbonell

The Founder of Homar Living. Regina’s vision for the company has been a great inspiration for our work ethic. Regina saw a gap in the market for providing great service and concierge for home and villa owners in Mallorca. 

Chief Happiness Officer

Julia Hadley

Julia makes sure that all our employees are up to our five star standard for our clients. She takes care of all the employee needs and training. Julia also makes sure that all the staff at the Homar Living office are working happily and provides key motivational techniques. 

Office Manager

Joanne Calf

Joanne Calf is the Office Manager of Homar Living. She supports our company operations by ensuring the smooth running of office systems and supervising staff. Joanne firmly believes in teamwork and establishing company goals.

Customer Satisfaction Partner

Severija Buivydaite-Kiupelis

Severija is your Customer Satisfaction Partner. She will walk our clients through from point of contact to finding the right employee or concierge service for your needs. Anything the clients needs, Severija is your woman.

Customer Satisfaction Assistant

Jeff Jivkov

Our Customer Satisfaction Assistant assists with running our reception and helping our Customer Satisfaction Partner.  Jeff always has a friendly smile and is ready to assist.

Front of House


Pierina is our go-to girl. With a fantastic knowledge of administration and customer service, Pierina sets about her work in a professional and courteous manner.