Homar Living Maritime training space and art studio in Palma

Maritime training space and art studio in Palma

Maritime training space and art studio in Palma

Homar Living was invited to Aigua Sailing School and Daxa Parmar’s arts studio opening evening in Santa Catalina, Palma. Aigua Sea School not only moved from their little office into a massive and airy space, but also dedicated all ground floor to an art studio of Daxa Parmar (www.daxaparmar.com).

Ms Parmar is UK born artist and started her professional path at Art and Design School in London. Her work transmits calm and tranquility It is an opposition of the today’s digital age. Daxa’s career brought her into international waters, exhibitions took place in UK, US, Dubai and Spain. Moreover, an artist collaborated with British Council and trained emerging artists in Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Mexico and Chile. 

The cultural space is beautifully connected with Aigua Sea School downstairs (www.aiguaseaschool.com). This well establish maritime training centre opened its doors in 2006 and now is a leading training provider in Mediterranean. The name “sea school” says a lot, the company covers all types of trainings from the early stages of a Start Yachting course, all the way up to the worldwide sailing qualification of Yachtmaster Ocean. Also, the company offers meeting room spaces at the very heart of Palma.

New art studio and sailing school space
The Principal of Aigua Sea School Linda Revill and an artist Daxa Parmar

It was interesting to see how these two, at the first sight, different worlds of sea and art are coming together, leaving each other space to grow and develop. Most importantly, this evening gathered the local community of Santa Catalina, Yachting Industry professionals and art lovers. Homar Living is certainly hoping to collaborate with Daxa and Aigua Sea School in order to provide our customers with wonderful art pieces and essential sailing trainings when needed.

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